Guided Imagery for Test Success

If you feel that test anxiety interferes with your test performance you may benefit from implementing test anxiety reduction relaxation techniques. Click on, listen and download, and listen to a 6 minute guided visual imagery session designed to reduce test anxiety. The session begins with progressive muscle relaxation and takes you through an imagery of a successful test taking experience. Research demonstrates that students who suffer from test anxiety may benefit from participating in this type of activity.

Our educational system places great importance on testing to evaluate academic achievement. Educational environments may have an atmosphere where competition is emphasized and classroom conditions are perceived as highly evaluative. Students who suffer from test anxiety (TA) do not perform well under these conditions, “not from a lack of ability but from a dysfunction in trying to show it” (Hembree, 1988, p. 75). It has been estimated that 10 million students suffer from TA at primary and secondary levels of education and 20% of college students are affected.